The 6th International Seminar on Border Region

Development of region border has a very close relationship with the mission of national development, especially to preserve the unity and territorial integrity, national security and defense, as well as improving the welfare of the people in the region border.

ASEAN countries are a melting pot of 617 million people with rich culture and distinctive skills that is unique and can only be found in this part of the world. Over the decades, this region had seen the immense transformation due to an economic boom but still retained its historical identity. It is no wonder that one is able to see a blend of modern sophistication and traditional lifestyle existing side-by-side in ASEAN Countries today.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the economic development and growth of the ASEAN Member States as they largely outnumber larger enterprises in both quantity of establishments and share of the labor force they employ.

The development of this hub requires active participation by the multiple stakeholders, particularly the entrepreneurs. Therefore, their views are valuable to us and will be taken into consideration. It is hoped that the principles of openness, user-centricity, and stakeholder participation are upheld.