The 2nd International Seminar On Border Region

Bangkok, Thailand

April 24th 2017

The second International Seminar on Region Border entitled “The 2nd International Seminar on Reinforcement of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT ) for The Strengthening of Border Region”. The Indonesia-Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) is a subregional cooperation initiative formed in 1993 by the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to accelerate economic transformation in less developed provinces.

Thematic Areas:

  1. Humanity: Internasional Studies, Law, Social Work, Education, Women Studies, Hospitality and Tourism.
  2. Governance: Public Administration, Business Administration, Management, Local governance,Urban and City Planning, Environment


Embassy of Republic Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, 24 April 2017 


  • Development of region border has a very close relationship with the mission of national development, especially to preserve the unity and territorial integrity, national security and defense, as well as improving the welfare of the people in the region border.
  • The new paradigm, development of border areas by changing the direction of the development policies that have tended oriented “inward looking” to “outward Looking” so that the area can be used as a gateway of economic and trade activities with neighboring countries without ignoring its critical role in maintaining state sovereignty of Republic of Indonesia.
  • Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are neighboring countries that are located geographically the closest border states. For a comparative reason, we must see how the neighboring countries develop their outermost regions in economic, social, cultural, legal and safety.
  • The Indonesia-Malaysia- Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) is a subregional cooperation initiative formed in 1993 by the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to accelerate economic transformation in less developed provinces. The private sector has played and will continue to play a key role in promoting economic cooperation in IMT-GT.
  • IMT-GT has grown in geographic scope and activities to encompass more than 70 million people. It is now composed of 14 provinces in southern Thailand, 8 states of Peninsular Malaysia, and the 10 provinces of Sumatra in Indonesia.
  • To date, IMT-GT has a geographic scope of 32 provinces and states: 10 provinces in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia (Aceh, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Riau, Jambi, South Sumatera, Bengkulu, Bangka-Belitung, Riau Island, Lampung). 8 states in Peninsular Malaysia; (Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan). 14 provinces in Southern Thailand; (Yala, Pattani, Songkhla, Narathiwat, Satun, Trang, Phattalung, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chumphon, Ranong, Surat Thani)
  • The member states and provinces in this subregion form a natural bloc for economic cooperation given their many complementarities; geographical proximity; and close historical, cultural, and linguistic ties.
  • The extensive land area, a dynamic private sector, abundant supply of labour at competitive price and huge internal market of more than 70 million people plus potential markets in neighbouring sub-regions offer a vast potential for economic development to be enhanced in this area.

The Speakers in the 2nd Event:

1st Guest Speaker



2nd Guest Speaker



3rd Guest Speaker



4th guest Speaker



No.TitleAuthorPaper Link
1Migration and Border Introducing the Economic Factors of Human SecurityDouglass MacLean
2Strengthening Access to Legal and Justice in AsiaNattakan Chomputtong
3Strengthening Social Capital as a Factor of Supporting economic Development Cooperation Zone in Indonesia, Malaysia and ThailandMoch Poppy Nopriadi, Ahmad Masri
4Indonesian Climate Change: Effort and Policies (supporting IMT GT Agreement on Environmental Affairs)Afni Zulkifli
5Cooperative Empowerment in The Border Area of IMT-GT in Increasing Economy and Nationalism with the Spirit of Togetherness and Mutual CooperationAriati Anomsari and Mahmud Razak
6The Comparison of Zakat Provision in Income Tax Law Between Indonesia and MalaysiaAtin Hafidah
7Responsive Planning for Culture of Riau Province and Malaysia (Building a Culture of Cooperation between Malaysia and Riau Province)Zulfikar and Afni Zulkifli
8Cooperation of Cooperatives Among Countries int the Border Region Indonesia, Malaysia and ThailandSuarny Amran
9Small Medium Enterprise Development in Natua District of Riau Islands Province Community to Support Economic GrowthTrisa Nur Kania
10The Revitalization of Traditional Market in the Border Area between Indonesia-MalaysiaYanti Purwanti
11Institutional Capacity Building of Footwear Industries on Economic Growth in the Border AreasYayan Mulyana
12Empowerment Strategies for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand Growth Triangles (IMT-GT)Yuyun Yuniarti
13Integrated Policy and Acceleration of Regional Development at Border AreaProf. Soleh
14Competency-Based Training Program for Guest Service Agent in Border Region of IMT-GTRoyhan Sosiadi
15Business Model Management Solution at Indonesia - Malaysia State Border Land (West Kalimantan adn Sarawak)Muhammad Sukri
16Pesantren School Education System as Effort for Human Resource Improvement in Border Regionof IMT-GTLatifah Adnani
17Improving the Quality of Public Service in Goverment Bureaucracy at The Triangle Boundary of Indonesia, Malaysia and ThailandIshak Kusnandar