International Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies for Reinforcement of Region Border

COLGIS, Kedah, Malaysia

May 29th 2016

The Theme for the first event is “International Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies for Reinforcement of Region Border.” This event have a thematic Areas:

  1. Humanity: Law, Social Work, Education, Women Studies, Hospitality and Tourism.
  2. Governance: Public Administration, Business Administration, Management, Local governance, Urban and City Planning, Environment

The Venue for this event were in COLGIS, University Utara Malaysia Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia, Sunday/ May 29, 2016


  • The Indonesian archipelago, directly bordering to the ten (10) countries, while in land Indonesia bordering to three (3) countries. Indonesian sea border is also marked by the presence of 92 outer islands that are bases to the placement of the basic points that determine the sea border area.
  • Most of the border regions in Indonesia are still an underdeveloped area where the facilities and social and economic infrastructure are still very limited. The view in the past that the border area is an area that needs to be closely monitored because of a troubled area of ​​security has made border development paradigm more emphasis on safety than on the welfare approach. This leads to the border region in several areas become touched by the dynamics of development.

Keynote Speaker:


Dean of Ghazali Shafei Graduate School, COLGIS, UUM