The 4th International Seminar On Border Region

Development of region border has a very close relationship with the mission of national development, especially to preserve the unity and territorial integrity, national security and defense, as well as improving the welfare of the people in the region border.

ASEAN countries are a melting pot of 617 millions people with rich culture and distinctive skills that is unique and can only be found in this part of the world. Over the decades, this region had seen the immense transformation due to economic boom, but still retained its historical identity. It is no wonder that one is able to see a blend of modern sophistication and traditional lifestyle existing side-by-side in ASEAN Countries today.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the economic development and growth of the ASEAN Member States as they largely outnumber larger enterprises in both quantity of establishments and share of the labour force they employ.

The development of this hub requires active participation by the multiple stakeholders, particularly the entrepreneurs. Therefore, their views are valuable to us and will be taken into consideration. It is hoped that the principles of openness, user-centricity, and stakeholder participation are upheld.

The Theme for the current event is “The 4th  International Seminar on Border Region: Strengthening  Border Region Toward Integrated Neighboring Hub”


  1. Humanity, Internasional Studies, Law, Education, Women Studies, Hospitality and Tourism,
  2. Governance: Public Administration, Business Administration, Management, Local Governance, Urban and City Planning, Environment.

The Objectives:

  1. The general objective of this seminar is to develop international cooperation on the border,
  2. The specific objective is to explore what strategies to improve institutional strengthening in order to improve the welfare of local communities to explore the potential economic, social and cultural as well as geographical local benefits as a very strategic relationship with our neighbours.

Supporting Organization:

  • INTSOB (UNIVERSITAS PASUNDAN, Bandung,  Indonesia)
  • UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA (Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia)
  • UNIVERSITE DE LA ROCHELLE (La Rochelle, France)
  • CATHAM HOUSE ROYAL INSTITUTE (London, United Kingdom)


Keynote Speaker:

  1. Prof. Dr. Uman Suherman

Invited Speakers:

  1. Dr. Bill Hayton
  2. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı
  3. Prof. Dr. Kamarulnizam Abdullah
No. Nama Judul University Country
1 Irene Mariane Strengthening The Cooperation Between Indonesia And Vietnam In Combating Illegal Fishing In Indonesian Waters


Trisakti University Indonesia
2 Irvanniko Firmansyah, Febby Suryatrisna, Fahira Idris


Entrepreneurial Government In Perception Of Bureaucratic Officeholder (Case Study in Malinau Regency Regional Government, A Remote Regency and Border with Malaysia) Pasundan University Indonesia
3 Kamal Alamsyah


Public Satisfaction Index (IKM) Survey At Department Of Investment And One-Stop Integrated Service (DPMPTSP) In Subang Regency Pasundan University Indonesia
4 Agus Supriatna, Sahudi The Concept Coordination, Participation of Society on The Law of Governance Indonesia Pasundan University Indonesia
5 Soleh Suryadi and Bambang Saputra Strengthening Local Governance and Integrated Development in Border Region Pasundan University Indonesia
6 Anthon Susanto, Hesti Septianita, and Rosa Tedjabuwana Infusing Local Ethics Into Legal Education In ASEAN Countries Pasundan University Indonesia
7 Subur Dwiono, Koko Enang, and Tubagus Anis Angka Wijaya Application of Curriculum 2013 In The Border Of Natuna Distric Pasundan University Indonesia
8 Adrinal Martetek, Dahlan, and David Alamin Public Service at the Border Area (A Study on Educational, Health and Infrastructures Services in Nunukan Regency and Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan) Pasundan University Indonesia
9 Bambang Heru Purwanto, Endang Try Setyasih, and Eddy Jusuf Sp Collaborative Governance And Local Wisdom As An Important Dimension In Implementing The Development Acceleration Policy In The Border Area Of Nusa Tenggara Timur With The Republic Democratic Timor Leste Pasundan University Indonesia
10 Yudhaswara Januarharyono and Nia Kania Permasih Exploring Forms Of Basic Health Care In Border Area Pasundan University Indonesia
11 Didin Wardhana, Restu Widyo Sasongko, and Bambang Suprihatin The Policy Of Institute Governance Of Home Affairs (Ipdn) Graduates Placement In Border Area Of Indonesia-Malaysia Pasundan University Indonesia
12 Wahyugia Uliantoro, Raudatul Jannah, and Prita Andarbeni Regional Institutional Performance And Policy Challenge Of Infrastructure Procurement In Border Region Pasundan University Indonesia
13 Dasep Ruswana, Supardi Supardi, and Soni Harison Implementation Of Early Childhood Education Program Policies Of The Border Areas Of The Republic Of Indonesia And Malaysia (Nunukan District Of North Kalimantan Province) Pasundan University Indonesia
14 Benyamin Harits Analysis Of Indonesian Border Policy Pasundan University Indonesia
15 Ali Anwar, Ram Al Affri Bin Saad, Irma Rachmawati, Saim Aksinudin, Wita Pemerhati Rasa, Atang Herdiana, Denny Tri Cahyadi, Cici Asri Pardani, and Dewi Kartina Zakat Productive as a Mechanism of Poverty Eradication For strengthening economic border in Indonesia and Malaysia Universiti Utara Malaysia and Pasundan University Malaysia and Indonesia